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Eriez E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detectors

The E-Z Tec range of Metal Detectors incorporate high sensitivity, balanced coil technology for detecting and removing ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants.

E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detectors



E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detectors

The E-Z Tec 9000 range of Metal Detectors incorporates high sensitivity, balanced coil technology for detecting and removing ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants,
ensuring product purity and machinery protection. 

E-Z Tec 9000 metal detectors find applications in aggregates and mining, plastics and rubber, recycling, glass, chemicals, food, textile, and wood industries.


  • Easy operation
  • High sensitivity - balanced coil technology
  • Single printed circuit board for ease of servicing
  • Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for increased reliability
  • Self-monitoring
  • Integral circuitry for remote operation and monitoring of reject devices
  • Compliant with CE - EMC regulations
  • Available in paint finish or stainless steel*
  • Push button selection of controls via on-board micro-controller*
  • Storage of up to 10 product settings*
  • Password protected*
  • 2 line LCD display of selected parameters*
  • Product compensation*

*Features only available on the 9000

E-Z Tec 9000 R

The E-Z Tec 9000 R Metal Detector incorporates a fully enclosed aperture and offers a high level of sensitivity for a range of applications. Each system is manufactured in accordance with individual requirements and is either manufactured from mild steel or aluminium (with a paint finish) or stainless steel (natural finish).

The detector can be supplied as a single unit, combined with a declined chute or fitted on a purpose built conveyor system.

Fully automated reject systems can also be incorporated.

E-Z Tec 9000 RD

The E-Z Tec 9000 RD Divisible Metal Detector has an innovative design which allows the unit to be separated into two parts. This enables a simple installation on existing conveyors without the need for cutting the conveyor belt.

Its rugged design allows it to be installed in a range of environments for checking a variety of products, whilst maintaining a high level of sensitivity.

E-Z Tec 9000 C

The Model ‘C’ has a special circular aperture search head allowing it to be used in pipeline systems, whether for free falling product or pressure systems.

Each unit is custom built and it is therefore available in a range of different sizes, making it an ideal solution to both standard and non standard applications.

E-Z Tec 9100

The E-Z Tec 9100 combines balanced coil technology with a pneumatic reject system, ensuring the detection and rejection of sub-millimetre metal contaminants from free falling material.

Specifically designed for simple installation, the unit can be supplied with a small in-feed hopper, or alternatively with standard Jacobs fittings for connection to existing customer machinery.

The sensitivity of this detector will be determined by the diameter of the pipe and the type of product being processed.


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