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Dynamic Drum Separators

Separation technique for the removal of fine iron from fine, dry powders

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Eriez Dynamic Drum Separators

The Eriez Dynamic Drum Separator (DDS) is ideally suited for separating fine iron from dry milled powders less than 100 micron. Typical materials include corundum, silicon carbide, quartz, glass, granites, pegmatite, limestone, calcite, talc, alumina, cements, ceramics, industrial minerals, food spices, and chemicals.

Features & Benefits:

  • Utilises the highest strength Rare Earth permanent magnets
  • Simple, robust design for easy installation into existing plants
  • Totally enclosed, dust tight
  • Achieves greater levels of fine iron separation from powders than any previously existing magnetic separation systems

Principle of Operation

The powder is fed via a belt into a magnetic field. Fine magnetic particles are attracted to the belt surface, freed from surrounding material particles and then discharged underneath the head pulley of the conveyor system. The non-magnetic fine powder does not react with the magnetic field and falls away from the head pulley in a normal trajectory. A strategically placed splitter enables separation of the iron from the non magnetic powder.

The success of the DDS is attributed to the unique Eriez Dynamic Agitation Effect. This greatly improves magnetics recovery and minimises product loss.


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