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Eriez Demagnetizing Coils

Custom engineered electromagnetic units for demagnetizing natural magnetite and ferro-magnetic materials in slurry flowing through vertical pipelines or dry gravity flow.

Demagnetizing Coils



Eriez Demagnetizing Coils

Electromagnetic Demagnetizing Coils have been specifically designed to give many years of maintenance–free service for demagnetizing natural magnetite flowing through pipelines following recovery by a magnetic separators.

Choose from a total of 17 units ranging in internal diameters from two to 18–inch. Standard coils are designed to operate from a 380 volt, 50 cycle, 460 volt or 575 volt, 60 cycle, single phase AC power source. Units can be furnished for other voltages and line frequencies if required.

The circular coil has a uniformly increasing and decreasing field with respect to slurry flow and is the standard type recommended for most applications. Standard construction of the Type DRW Demagnetizing Coils is waterproof.


  • Choose from 17 sizes
  • No moving parts to wear
  • Compact, lightweight units
  • No maintenance required other than normal periodic inspection
  • Outside of coil coated with epoxy resin for protection from damaging moisture


Because the Type DRW Demagnetizing Coils operate on AC current and are predominately inductive, power factor correction may be desired. This is recommended for all coils drawing over 20 amperes (8 DRW and larger).

Capacitive power factor correction units are available which have been designed specifically for the Demagnetizing Coils. The controls have protective fusing and are separately enclosed in housings designed for surface mounting.

Standard housings meet NEMA 1 specifications. To meet waterproof specifications, NEMA 4 housings are available.


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